Important information about Financial Aid Applications for 2012-2013

Current students may now apply for, or renew their financial aid for the upcoming year. You can find a checklist and application materials at First time applicants must contact the Financial Aid office to initiate the process.
What’s New This Year?
– Cornell requires information from a non-custodial parent for continuing students. If this information has been waived in the past, it will be waived this year. Contact our office if you have any questions.
– The FAFSA has a feature that allows most families to have the IRS send their tax information directly to their FAFSA. Please use this feature (“Link to the IRS”) if you are eligible to use it. If this option is not used, IRS transcripts will be required.
The deadline to apply is Friday, April 27, 2012. Applications postmarked after this date are subject to late penalties. Email at or contact by phone at 607-255-5145 if you have questions.