The Office of the Bursar provides customer service and financial counseling to students, parents, and the Cornell community, and proactively assists families in meeting their financial obligations to the university. The Bursar’s Office is the central billing service center for Cornell, providing monthly e-billing statements of tuition, fees, and other charges incurred by students. Electronic billing is the official billing method; paper bills will not be sent.

  • Bursar Account
    The Office of the Bursar provides a monthly electronic billing statement to each student. Students who are not paying their bills themselves must set up parents and others as authorized payers on their Cashnet accounts. Fall tuition expenses are billed in July, and spring tuition expenses are billed in December. All charges appearing on those statements are due before registration for that semester can be permitted.
  • Cornell Card Account
    The Cornell Card Account is a service that allows students to make purchases by presenting their Cornell student ID cards. This service can help students manage their day-to-day expenses without having to carry large amounts of cash. Monthly e-billing statements that include new charges and credits are available via Cashnet.
  • Payment Options
    The Office of the Bursar offers several Payment Options, including Cashnet, an electronic payment service. The Cornell Installment Plan allows you to pay your student’s tuition in interest-free increments over a 5, 10, or 12-month period. Using the installment plan may help you borrow less and even your cash flow.
  • Student Refunds
    Registered, full-time students are eligible to receive student refunds, assistantship stipends, and fellowship stipends directly into any U.S. bank account by activating their Direct Deposit Account.
  • Tuition Refund Plan
    The Tuition Refund Plan is an elective insurance plan offered on a semester basis only. It is designed to protect students from the loss of tuition should they find it necessary to withdraw from the university because of an illness, accident, or for other medical reasons.

Financial Aid and Student Employment

Ezra Cornell’s founding vision – a university where “any person can find instruction in any study” – holds true today.  We offer a robust need-based financial aid program, awarding aid based on financial need of the family, ensuring that our financial aid funds are distributed equitably.

We invite you to review the information on our website, and also call or e-mail our office if you have questions (607-255-5145;

  • Aid Application
    Applying for financial aid is separate from the admissions process. Make note of the financial aid deadlines and materials required. We provide a Financial Aid Calculator on our website to help families get a sense of what their aid package may look like. Note that the Calculator is not a guarantee or an aid offer, but rather a resource that can inform families as they begin to consider the college admissions process. Students receiving financial aid will be expected to apply for aid each year.
  • Special Circumstances
    Please contact our office (607-255-5145; if your family’s financial situation changes mid-year, whether or not your student is an aid recipient. We will present any financial aid options or financing options available to the family.
  • Student Employment
    There is a wide variety of jobs on campus, as well as in the local community. Holding a part-time job for just a few hours a week may help students improve their time management skills and gain valuable working experience. Federal law requires that students prove their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Students need to provide Employment Verification, which includes original documentation to the employer and an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. Contact the Student Employment Office if you have questions.