Health & Wellness

Cornell’s official COVID-19 website provides information about what we are doing to protect the safety and well-being of our community. Please encourage your student to check this website frequently for new resources and updates.


Cornell Health offers primary-care medical care, counseling, and pharmacy services for all Cornell students in Ithaca. Care is fully-accredited, confidential, and responsive to the needs of Cornell’s diverse student population. Review special information for parents and guardians. Cornell Health is centrally located on campus at 110 Ho Plaza, just south of Willard Straight Hall.

Cornell’s Office of Student Health Benefits is the customer service office for Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP), including its optional vision and dental plans.

Cayuga Medical Center, located approximately 5 miles from Cornell’s campus, is the primary source for health services for the greater Ithaca area.

Additional health resources and information can be found on Cornell’s Caring Community webpage.


Mental health resources including stress management information, professional counseling and psychological services, and resources for assisting students in distress are available through Cornell Health. Special mental health information is provided for parents and guardians.

Empathy Assistance and Referral Services (EARS) peer counseling is available by phone and drop-in.

Cornell United Religious Work (CURW) provides spiritual and religious services and support to students.

The Sexual Harassment and Assault – Response and Education (SHARE) website provides important and timely information to the Cornell community about sexual harassment, assault, gender discrimination and other related forms of violence. It also offers information about the SHARE partners who provide services, support, reporting options, education, and advocacy.

Students have many opportunities to participate in sports and athletics on campus, whether at the varsity level, club level, or intramural level.

Students can join the Cornell Fitness Centers for a nominal fee, and the university offers many outdoor education opportunities.

A full list of physical education courses can be found online.